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Fans surely can't contain themselves to see Attack on Titan Chapter 139 as the month of April begins. In a few days, everyone is about to witness an end of an era as Hajime Isayama's epic manga series is about to end.

As Attack on Titan Chapter 139's release is nearing, leaks are expected to make rounds online, and the editor warns fans about it. Kodansha forewarns it will take legal action against the leakers, no matter what country they are in.

The editor reminded fans not to share any leaks about the final chapter in a tweet if they happen to see some. It then revealed Kodansha has been litigating several accounts and individuals as of late because of the leaks, Comicbook noted.

The editor added the publication would be taking "measures against the illegal upload of images and texts, regardless of country." It is why fans are often advised to read the manga on its official sources or wait for its official releases.

Elsewhere, the editor gave an update about Attack on Titan Chapter 139, revealing Isayama had finished completing the series. The mangaka already submitted its manuscript and thanked fans for their support for more than a decade.

Isayama passed the manuscript on Eren's birthday on March 30. The editor then asked fans to read it in the May issue of Bessastsu Magazine. It also thanked the manga creator for the past 11 years and seven months of hard work for the series.

The manga's ending will surely leave a mark in everyone's minds, so fans hope it will be a good one. They wish it will never be like Game of Thrones or How I Met Your Mother, which finales ruin its perfect storylines.

According to BlockToro, it can't be helped that fans will be divided with Attack on Titan Chapter 139's ending. Some may never be satisfied, while others may find it sufficient.

There is no way for Isayama to please everybody with the finale, knowing fans root for different characters. There are Eren-fanatics, and some support Levi, Mikasa, Armin, and others.

The artist has been receiving a lot of criticisms as of late due to how the story goes, leading to its conclusion. As he is about to end the epic saga, he may experience disapproval once again one way or another.

On a lighter note, Kodansha has dropped a countdown campaign that will lead to Attack on Titan Chapter 139's release. There are creator interviews, digital wallpapers, and more that hype up the finale, increasing fans' anticipation, per Epic Dope.

Will Eren regenerate and survive after Mikasa decapitated his head, or is it the final goodbye? Find out when the final chapter drops on Friday, April 9.

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