Fans may see the future of Big Mom in One Piece Chapter 1010 after Kid and Law threw her into the sea. Is this the end of the Big Mom Pirates' captain?

The fight at the rooftop will continue in One Piece Chapter 1010. After what they did to Big Mom, will Kaido be next?

Big Mom doesn't have the ability to fly like Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon, so she has nowhere to go but into the deep sea. After getting rid of her, BlockToro noted the Worst Generation would now have the chance to face Kaido together.

Luffy has already caused serious damage to Kaido. If the five of them will come together and join their powers, it will surely "increase their attack range."

If this happens, can they finally beat the world's strongest creature down in One Piece Chapter 1010? However, there may be a big twist happening, involving Big Mom.

It is possible her pirates will come to help and save her. She may fall into the Big Mom Pirates' ship instead of into the sea.

Her people may help her to return to the flying island, back to the fight. If this pushes through, Luffy and the rest of the gang will undoubtedly feel her wrath.

In One Piece Chapter 1009, titled "Hell," Orochi spread fire all over the Onigashima castle. The Red Scabbards would then face him, while Fukurokuju was on the way, OtakuKart News noted.

Orochi Oniwabanshu's former captain told Orochi they all believed he was dead. The shogun wanted to handle the Scabbards on his own and he seemed to have the chance against them, knowing they were heavily injured.

He started by mocking the Scabbards about Kanjuro and transformed into his Dragon form. As the fight began, the group hit all of his heads.

Kinemon said they had no time for him, while Raizo went one-on-one with Fukurokuju. The ninja couldn't believe Fukurokuju would ally with Orochi, but the latter knew it was fate that brought them to a rematch.

On the rooftop, Kid asked Law the reason why he couldn't just send one of the Yonkos somewhere else. The latter said he would have done that if only he could.

The two villains seemed to have the strongest haki that Law couldn't control them. So, he had no chance to move them anywhere, leaving them with no choice but to go in an all-out fight.

The intense series of battles will continue in One Piece Chapter 1010 on Sunday, April 11, per Republic World. It will also be out around the world at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, 11 a.m. Central Time, noon Eastern Time, and 5 p.m. British Time.

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