Nacht's death seems to be looming in Black Clover Chapter 288, but as Asta will arrive to face the two devils, can he save his mentor? A lot of questions are now surrounding the upcoming installment, and it looks like the following scenes will be pretty intense.

Fans hope Nacht will survive as one of the most fan-favorite characters. With the danger threatening his life, can Asta do something about it in Black Clover Chapter 288?

The new chapter will mainly focus on Nacht and Asta, and the latter is determined to save the vice-captain. The Royal Knight is indebted to Nacht for making him much stronger.

According to Recent Highlights, he wants Nacht to live far longer to see how far he has grown. Nacht, alternatively, is fond of Asta.

His wish for a new morning has come in Asta, comparing him to Morgen, and he truly values these similarities. This is the main reason why Nacht took him under his wings.

In Black Clover Chapter 288, Asta manages to dodge all the twin devils' attacks. If Lilith and Namaah only toy with Nacht, they are seriously hitting Asta. 

Asta uses his Devil Union Mode against the two high-ranking devils, using Demon Dweller and Demon Destroyer at the same time. He later unleashes his sword, though he strangely calls out a different name.

Liebe surprisingly recognizes the twin devils, making him more excited to go against them. So, what does Liebe have to do with them?

Elsewhere, Nacht's devils swear to die with him if he meets his demise in Black Clover Chapter 288. Though his departure will surely sadden them, they may not die with him. Will Nacht die this chapter?

In Black Clover Chapter 287, Nacht declared he was not afraid to die and would surpass his limits to beat the twin devils down. He needed to survive and defeat these enemies to continue his work as the commanding officer, Devdiscourse noted.

However, as Lilith and Namaah were incredibly powerful, he knew it would not be an easy task. The previous chapter then featured a flashback, showing Nacht and Yami standing side by side at Morgen's grave.

Yami swore to create a team that would avenge Morgen's death, making Nacht its vice-captain and him the captain. Nacht then started to reflect on his past.

Though he knew he couldn't be like his brother, he vowed to destroy the devils. He used different spells and summoned devils, but the twin devils still got the better of him. They broke his spell, froze, and burned everything, putting Nacht's life in danger.

Fortunately, Asta arrived, and their battle would continue when Black Clover Chapter 288 drops on Sunday, April 4, per HITC.

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