Boruto has faced a number of formidable villains in the past, but it looks like he is about to meet his match, if not much stronger than him. Code is now the new antagonist of the Boruto manga series, and he is about to cause huge chaos that no one expects he could.

Boruto may not get the help he needs from Naruto and Sasuke, knowing how weak these two have turned after the recent fight. With the incredible strength Code possesses, can the Hokage stand a chance against the new antagonist in Boruto?

According to Comicbook, Boruto is determined to be much stronger than before with the new villain's coming. Code has one big mission to fulfill, and it is to avenge his master, Isshiki.

Amado seems to know everything about Code, revealing his fighting skills outmatch even Jigen. Though every Kara member has had their body remodeled to be stronger, Code has limiters to check his strength.

Code has been out of Boruto spotlight as of late, but it doesn't mean his powers are drifting. He is considered the dark horse of the series, and Amado reveals he is scared of a scorned Code more than anyone else.

Sadly, it is only Amado that can undo Code's limiters. The evil-doer will break if he is forced to undo the bonds, so Boruto has to up his game and starts training with Kawaki to face Code.

Screenrant noted the manga had revised Jigen's power level so that Code can replace him. This change may have something to do with Masashi Kishimoto's return to helm the series.

Ukyo Kodachi initially handled Boruto, but Kishimoto replaced him from Chapter 52 onward. After just a single chapter, Jigen got defeated, and Code became the new villain two issues later.

With the abrupt change after Kishimoto's return, he might be trying to leave a mark on the series by changing its storyline and following his own. It is also possible that he wanted to create his own villain with Code.

Fans will see more of this as the manga continues in Chapter 57, which will drop Tuesday, April 20, at midnight Japan Standard Time, per HITC. If this will follow suit, its English translations will be out later around the world.

International fans can see it at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, 11 a.m. Central Time, noon Eastern Time, and 4 p.m. British time.

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