Before launching to fame as a member of the BTS, V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, was part of the South Korean drama series, Hwarang, which aired in 2016.

However, despite being approached and wooed to come back to acting by various studios, V hasn't signed on to any follow-up acting jobs. According to reports, it's not just because he's busy with BTS appearances and practices but the issue is more about talent fees.

The former actor's talent fee is apparently close to $177,000 per episode and no studio could afford to pay such a sky-high asking price for someone who has yet to prove his prowess as an actor. V's appearance in Hwarang was his acting debut. However, the producers of the TV show said that they picked the BTS idol to play Suk Han Sung because he fitted the part perfectly as someone with an innocent and positive personality.

Hwarang was a historical drama that aired on KBS2. He used his real name for his acting credit because V is his BTS identity but he also helped out in making the soundtrack for the series with fellow BTS member Jin.

But according to another report, V couldn't take on a project outside of his work with BTS. His agency has issued a policy disallowing members of the popular K-pop group to pursue solo activities that will completely separate them from the band. While members of BTS do individual ventures, including commercial deals, every work that they do is still tied to the group for as long as they are under contract.

Recently, however, the ARMY has been clamoring for V to go back to doing a TV show. At the end of March "Actor Kim Taehyung" trended on social media with many of the fans picturing V in key roles they think would be great for the budding actor.

However, the ARMY would just have to be content with seeing V's other abilities in Run BTS. On this web series, the group is given different opportunities to show off their other talents aside from dancing or singing.

One episode had the BTS doing voiceovers for animations, while they also had competitions with each other since the special is a variety show format. But the episodes also feature clips of the boys doing their work and it was revealed that V did some of the music for the album Be (Deluxe Edition).

Speaking in one clip on Run BTS, V said that he translated his sadness in the music for "Blues & Grey." He said that fans should play close attention to the lyrics of the song because it's a reflection of his emotions at that time. BTS performed "Blues & Grey" for MTV Unplugged in February alongside the cover of Coldplay's "Fix You."