A Chinese woman placed for adoption as a baby discovered she was marrying her "brother."

The woman's biological mother made the discovery at her adoptive son's wedding. The events have been described as weird and bizarre.

The couple had their wedding late March. The mother of the couple discovered the bride-to-be was her biological child during the ceremony. The woman noticed her daughter's distinctive birthmark on her hand.

The mother asked the woman's parents if their daughter was adopted. The bride's parents were surprised because they had never shared this information.

They had kept the information from the daughter for more than 20 years. The bride's parents said they found the girl abandoned and decided to adopt her.

The biological mother was in tears during her son's wedding in Suzhou, Jiangsu province when she realized the truth. The bride was also reduced to tears to meet her biological mother. The ceremony was quickly halted.

The woman's biological mother said she had adopted her son after giving up hope of finding her biological daughter. The woman told reporters she had looked for her daughter for years after they were separated.

The wedding was allowed to proceed because the couple are not biologically related. The woman celebrated her reunion with her biological daughter while also celebrating her son's wedding.

The story went viral on social media. Some users wished the couple well. Others worried there were more secrets to come.