Han Hye Jin is one of the most famous and successful fashion models in South Korea. Despite the continued reaching of new heights in her career, though, the 39-year-old celebrity still looks forward to finding ways to enjoy her life.

AllKpop reported that the I Live Alone cast member shockingly confessed about her plastic surgery considerations in the recent episode of Love Naggers. On Tuesday, she shared that a "close unnie" of hers, who debuted with her in the past, has been telling her about enjoying "the best of both worlds by living the rest of [their] lives with double eyelids." She consequently admitted that she is "seriously considering it."

Following her assertions, Kim Sook shared her thoughts from the panel. She complimented the top model for her eyes, noting that it looks "pretty now."

However, Han Hye Jin appeared to have shocked everyone by saying "no" to the comedian. She, then, made a "double eyelid look" to prove her point.

Several netizens shared their "sadness" and concerns on various media platforms, including AllKpop's comment section. Many individuals stated that they are saddened by "how much the asian entertainment and asian beauty standards look down on monolids."

As for others, they argued that Han Hye Jin is already "pretty enough" and "gorgeous" the way she is. Even so, some netizens asserted that it is her life, hence, "she can do as she pleases" despite not needing it anyway.

The 39-year-old fashion model had several other surprising revelations in the past few years. Back in 2019, she looked back on her 20-year modeling career, even tearing up as she admitted to being "not happy" and feeling "upset."

Speaking to Kim Won Kyung, Park Na Rae, and Hwasa of MAMAMOO in an unearthed episode of I Live Alone, she said that she does not have any skills, "so it is a blessing" that she was born tall, implying that she would always choose to be a model.

Han Hye Jin, later on, told in her interview that all were "very complicated." She, also, explained that she always wondered why she was not happy and could not enjoy it.

Nearly a year later, she had another confession regarding her "obsession" toward Jungkook of BTS. She revealed that it started in 2019, adding that she "saved at least 500 videos" of the K-Pop idol on Instagram. Han Hye Jin, then, claimed that she would watch them "every single day."