BTS has always received praises from the public. But, aside from their loyal fans across the globe, industry officials, experts, and celebrities are, also, some of the groups of individuals who compliment the septet.

AllKpop recently covered a report, wherein a creative director published his thoughts of being impressed about Jin and his "Epiphany" performances. In his book, Kevin Kim deemed setting up and creating a stage for a ballad song is quite "difficult." He even revealed that they came up with numerous ideas, which can already cover an entire concert.

But, despite the challenges, he deemed Jin's performances as some of the "most outstanding" ones in terms of BTS stages and productions. He recalled the moment when the K-Pop idol received a "roar from the audience" during his "Epiphany" act.

Kim described the whole performance as something that made Jin "so holy" before the audience. He asserted that it was as if he was "meeting a god," adding that his presence was "unmatched."

The publication, later on, reiterated that the eldest BTS member was the one who "came up and gave the base" for the "Love Yourself series." This is, also, reportedly, the reason why his performance has become the "climax of the whole concert."

Apart from the creative director, many other netizens seemingly agree to feel emotional when listening to Jin's "Epiphany" or seeing him perform the track on stage. On Quora, fans and followers alike discussed what makes the BTS member and his song so special, as well as a material that causes people to cry genuinely.

Most of the respondents explained that the "rawness" of the song, especially the lyrics, is one of the factors. Several individuals, also, agreed that "Epiphany" is more than a song that "teaches [everyone] to love [themselves]" in every aspect.

In addition to these things, Jin singing the song gives the notion that he, like everyone else, experiences the same thoughts and experiences in life. Moreover, hearing him tell his listeners and viewers that "you are the one you should love," seemingly brings everyone closer.

The buzz around the BTS member, as well as his performances for "Epiphany," likely explains why the single has been well-loved by many people across the globe. Hello K-Pop previously reported that the track has continued to reach new heights in the music industry since its release in 2018. During its second anniversary last year, the track "transcended a whopping 93 million streams on Spotify."