WARNING: This article contains some spoilers for the fifth episode of Mayans M.C. season 3. Read at your own risk.

Mayans M.C. season 3 episode 6 is coming next week on FX, with the title "You Can't Pray A Lie". EZ Reyes (J.D. Pardo) will continue to find his place within the world he joined in. He wants to find his footing, but he also knows that doing this comes with several challenges.

In Mayans M.C. season 3 episode 6, EZ is having a hard time finding his place in the hierarchy of the club. Since he got his full patch just recently, some senior members of the gang may not fully trust him and his ideas. First, he must prove to everyone that he's capable of doing things even though he's new.

In order to gain their trust, EZ needs to make sure that his plans will work and be useful to almost everyone now and in the future. If he failed to do this, more members of the group may start to criticize him and they won't agree with him the next time he shares his ideas.

Mayans M.C. season 3 episode 6 also picks up the events that happened in episode 5, "Dark, Deep-Laid Plans". Some will everything to stop EZ from climbing up to the top, something that was seen at the end of the previous outing -- with Coco (Richard Cabral) causing problems so that the plans would not work.

Bishop (Michael Irby) and others may try to end Coco's schemes once and for all. The latter has been struggling with his addiction and he's now immersed in the Meth Mountain. Because of this, he becomes a liability to the gang and he needs to be handled.

Elsewhere in Mayans M.C. season 3 episode 6, Angel (Clayton Cardenas) lost his battle against his vices: booze and violence. EZ's elder brother has been in a similar situation before so it isn't too much of a shock to everyone that he's like this again.

Angel lost a lot along the way and his actions ruined some relationships in his life. His struggles may continue to be part of his storyline. At the same time, he needs the help of others to find his way back to the top and EZ will be there with him in the process.

Aside from these storylines, next week's episode could also bring more chaos to the club. The crime drama does not often give too much information in the synopsis, but unexpected surprises usually come in the middle of every episode.

Mayans M.C. season 3 episode 6 airs on Tuesday, April 13, on FX.