HyunA and Jessi recently sat down for an interview with Mobidic. The two K-Pop idols talked about several things, including their bonding with meals.

Koreaboo covered what happened during the engagement, especially the "Flower Shower" singer's revelations about her friend. It all started when they talked about her cooking skills.

Jessi began by saying that HyunA cooked for her the last time she visited her friend's place. She asserted that it was a "rice" and meal she could not remember.

The former Wonder Girls member immediately stated that it was "Nurungji." This, then, caused both of them to laugh because the Nuna artist was making it sound as if it was a "fancy" dish.

HyunA eventually recalled "how much joy Jessi brings" when they share a meal together. She stated that her friend "always makes others delighted."

The K-Pop idol explained that no matter what she prepares for the "Who Dat B" singer, she always savors and eats it "gratefully as if she is having [a] Michelin cuisine."

She continued that Jessi's manners are all on point, adding that she appreciates them. As noted, the "Numb" artist "is so kind that she even thanks [her] for a glass of water."

HyunA and Jessi share a close friendship. While it remains unclear when the two South Korean celebrities first established their links, the public knows how much they treasure each other, as well as their bond.

From time to time, the two artists post several photos of them together, having fun like sisters. Soompi once even deemed their relationship as "friendship goals" because of their closeness.

In 2019, the I'm Not Cool singer and the "What Type of X" rapper officially became labelmates under PSY's P Nation. The latter was the first artist to sign with the agency, and her close friend followed a month later, alongside E'Dawn.

Aside from all the happy and good times, HyunA and Jessi are seemingly always there for each other even during tough times. Back in 2018, the American-Korean rapper slammed all of her friend's critics after discovering her relationship with PENTAGON's E-Dawn.

The couple, who are still together today, received a backlash from netizens after revealing their romantic links two years after it began. Following the controversies, Jessi took it upon herself to defend HyunA from all the negative comments about her and her boyfriend.

Koreaboo said that she went live on Instagram and called out all the haters. She said that her friend is "old enough to date whoever the hell she wants." She, also, urged everyone to "let them be happy."