Soyou remains persistent in her diet challenge. After gaining ten kilos (22 lbs) of weight as she follows the "Fit to Fat to Fit" program, she is now pursuing to lose it all.

In her YouTube channel, the former SISTAR member documents her activities, especially those that are for the challenge. Aside from revealing what she eats and does, she, also, gives tips and ideas on how to lose weight healthily and effectively.

AllKpop said that the K-Pop idol recently handed out another set of weight-loss pointers for her fans and viewers. As she now tries to lose what she gained, she encouraged everyone to join her in the journey.

Soyou began by noting the impacts of caffeine. She said that it is "okay to drink coffee before exercising."

She argued, however, that if the workout routines are not in the high-intensity range, "it is better to adjust the caffeine intake a little." As explained, having a "good night's sleep" helps lose excess weight.

The "Shake It" singer continued that having a cheat day helps, as well. She asserted that it is needed to "stay on a diet for a long time."

Later in the video, she notified her viewers that losing weight affects the secretion of female hormones. Soyou warned that it "becomes irregular," adding that she lost her health and energy when she did in the past.

Earlier in March, the K-Pop idol, also, released some helpful anecdotes regarding weight lossKoreaboo said that she values these tips because they help lose weight healthily, safely, and effectively.

She started by explaining the importance of food. She said that it is the "most important part" because nothing will happen if changes are not applied to the diet, despite following rigorous exercises.

Soyou, then, advised her viewers to eat three meals a day. Aside from adjusting the portions, she encouraged adding healthy options in the mix.

In terms of workout routines, the South Korean celebrity said that choosing the type of exercise that provides enjoyment is essential. Moreover, she maintained that people should follow regimens that they can be consistent with, regularly.

Soyou previously revealed some of the helpful YouTube channels, as well, that may benefit her viewers' diet and fitness goals. She first mentioned the videos from "Thankyou BUBU."

She, also, recommends Chloe Ting's workout clips as they are all effective, especially when targeting a specific body part. "YOGABOY" is included in her list, as well. It is a channel on the same platform that provides numerous guided yoga routines.