Attack on Titan Chapter 139 marks the end of the over 11-year epic manga story of Hajime Isayama. The mangaka has managed to answer everyone's lingering questions about the series, and though some complaint, he has indeed given a satisfying ending.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 proves everything is about love all along--the hate that stems from an undying 2,000 years of devotion and the love that frees it. Eren's saga has come to a close, and Isayama puts a deeper meaning behind it.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The manga series ends with Ymir removing the Titan curse from everyone and giving them the freedom they have been yearning for. But before she can make it, she had to free herself first from her feelings for King Fritz.

According to CBR, in his talk with Armin in the Paths, Eren revealed the Titans' power exists because Ymir has been following King Fritz's orders all along for 2,000 years. She has committed violence against her own village, parents, and even her body for the love of the King of Eldia.

It was love that kept Ymir bound to King Fritz and his family for a long time. Finally, she dared to free herself in Attack on Titan Chapter 139 after witnessing how Mikasa let go of her love for Eren when she decapitated his body to save the world.

This move has successfully liberated Ymir; that is why she puts a smile on her face after Mikasa did it in Chapter 138. Eren has been a slave of destiny the whole time, along with the former Attack Titan holders, to perform what fate wanted, BlockToro noted.

It has been Eren's mission to free the world from the Titans, even if everyone sees him as the villain. Armin finally understands that he did everything for the future's sake after seeing what could have happened using his Attack Titan's ability.

This includes killing 80% of humanity with the Rumbling. Eren shows Armin the vision of a "volcanic, primordial land" in Attack on Titan Chapter 139, which is supposed to be their destiny if he didn't do what he did.

Eren has sacrificed himself all along. Though it is too late for everyone to understand, his friends are happy to know that he has finally attained the freedom he has been fighting for since day one. He and the world are finally free from the Titan curse, and the dove seen in the last panel symbolizes everyone's liberation.

Despite the mixed reaction the finale receives, per HITC, it cannot be denied that Isayama has given his more than 11-year masterpiece the proper ending it needs. Not everyone survives, but, at least, the ones who remain can keep their body and soul together.

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