My Hero Academia Chapter 308 full summary is now out, based on the leaked manga panels. It seems to confirm Deku's moves against Muscular, and fans can't wait to finally witness their rematch.

Anyhow, fans are advised to take these spoilers with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed yet. It is best advised to wait for My Hero Academia Chapter 308's official release date and read it on official sources.

Titled "All Out," it seems to pertain to Deku's move as he faces Muscular once again. The summary, via BlockToro, reveals the young protagonist's reunion with the villain, who clearly remembers Deku.

He says he will never forget the young hero and yearning to meet him again. Muscular reveals he is not trying to take his revenge, but just wreaking havoc all over the place can't satisfy him.

He wants to go all out, and Deku's coming is the perfect time to do it in My Hero Academia Chapter 308. The League of Villains member starts attacking Deku, who is on a rooftop.

As he tries to reach his location, Muscular falls as his jump is not enough. He then dares Deku also to go all out to match his ability.

Deku brings Shinto to Tatami first and apologizes for not arriving immediately, unable to control the damage the villains have done. As Tatami can't see him because of too much smoke, it gives Deku an idea to use his smokescreen quirk as his protection against Muscular.

Muscular can handle even 100% of his One for All ability, so he will use smokescreen so that he can't see him. He will also employ a mix of his Float and Black Whip quirks to start his attack and couples it with Danger Sense to know his movements.

Comicbook added fans have been looking forward to seeing this big fight in My Hero Academia Chapter 308 after the significant delay. Readers can't also help theorizing what will happen in their battle.

Fans have been geeking out over Deku and Muscular's fight. As Deku is about to go all out and used all of his quirks, Muscular may not stand a chance against him.

Deku may be on his own now after leaving the UA Academy but can effortlessly manage himself. He is always ready to fight to save humanity, despite the hate the Pro Heroes experience.

Fans will finally witness Deku and Muscular's battle in My Hero Academia Chapter 308 when it drops on Sunday, April 11, per HITC.

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