BTS continues to climb up the ladder of success in the music industry. However, it was not always easy and joyful for the seven members of the group.

Many avid fans and supporters of the septet have always known how much the members have struggled to achieve their dreams and goals. Some of the idols' parents were not even supportive of their respective passions, especially before they arrived in the world of K-Pop.

Koreaboo said that one of these members is J-Hope. As it happened, his father used to "disapprove" his passion for dancing, particularly, during his schooling years.

The "Blue Side" singer previously shared the moment when his father "sighed deeply" upon seeing him dancing in his room. He noted, however, that it happened to be on his exam period. Hence, he was expected to study at that time on his own.

But, instead of preparing for his exams, J-Hope said that he was watching dance videos. He was only pretending to study until his father walked in on him inside the room.

The BTS rapper said that his "dad" had a deep sigh and "just left" the room without saying a word. This seemingly crushed him as he knew the feeling of his father's disapproval.

As time passed by, though, J-Hope's father began to accept his dreams. The K-Pop idol, then, revealed that his dad told him to dance in front of him without music, and so he did.

The BTS member's parents, especially his father, have since been very supportive of him and the rest of the group. There was even a time when the six other K-Pop idols asked J-Hope's parents to give their son a surprise birthday message for his 21st name day.

In 2014, the rest of the K-Pop group prepared a message for the "Daydream" singer. They recorded their personal anecdotes toward J-Hope two days before his birthday.

While this surprised the South Korean rapper, it became a more shocking event when he witnessed his parents' heartfelt birthday message for him. The whole moment became an emotional one, especially when J-Hope heard his parents wishing him and BTS the best in their career.

Netizens on Amino Apps said that there is little information about J-Hope's parents. But, what most people know is that his father is a literature teacher.

The same is, also, said to be true about his mother. Nevertheless, the K-Pop idol's social media posts have indicated that he has a close relationship with his parents, as well as his older sister.