CBS confirmed that MacGyver season 5 will be the final one for the action-adventure drama. The series first premiered on the network in September 2016 and it will be wrapping up its story this April 2021. Following the news, fans were shocked to learn that the show is ending after five installments.

CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl confirmed in a statement that MacGyver season 5 will serve as the series finale. She said that everyone at the network is grateful for the work and dedication from Lucas Till, who plays the titular character, as well as the rest of the cast.

Kahl also thanked the entire crew and Monica Macer, who serves as the new showrunner following Peter Lenkov's exit. In addition, she thanked the loyal fan base and they'll give them an opportunity to say goodbye to their favorite characters "in the thoughtful manner this series deserves."

There is no clear indication whether the plan to end MacGyver season 5 has been made prior to its premiere or the decision was made just recently. It can be noted that the fourth installment was cut short, leaving more stories to explore in the final run.

Meanwhile, Macer also has something to say about the series coming to an end. She said that she's amazed by the "devotion and enthusiasm" of the cast, crew, and loyal fans. She further thanked each cast member who put "everything they have" into the show.

She is also excited to show everyone the final episodes they have prepared, which would wrap up the adventure of Mac and the entire team at Phoenix. Macer replaced Lenkov as the executive producer and showrunner after the latter was dismissed due to allegations about a toxic environment on the show.

MacGyver season 5 is the latest show canceled at CBS, as the network also confirmed that NCIS: New Orleans season 7 and Mom season 8 are both coming to an end. Only a few episodes left for the action-adventure drama and the story will further build up as the series finale is approaching.

In addition to Till playing the titular role, the show also stars Tristin Mays as Riley Davis, Justin Hires as Wilt Bozer, Meredith Eaton as Matty Webber, Levy Tran as Desi Nguyen, and Henry Ian Cusick as Russ Taylor. The series serves as a reboot of the ABC series of the same name by Lee David Zlotoff, which ran from 1985 to 1992.

MacGyver season 5 will air its final episode on Friday, April 30, on CBS.