Queen Elizabeth is dealing with a monumental loss following the death of Prince Philip, her husband and consort for 73 years. However, a former royal staff believes that the queen is still "steady and calm" despite the devastating loss as she has prepared for this sad moment.

Speaking with People, Charles Anson, the queen's former press secretary, said that Queen Elizabeth is very much aware of her husband's health troubles. Thus, she has been likely well-prepared to accept this loss as she may have thought of the inevitable death of her husband "several times" before.

Anson said that in his years of working closely with the queen, she always showed grace under pressure. The former palace official said that Queen Elizabeth has an "enormous amount of family support" around her and she also has the public's sympathy.

However, he also acknowledged that Philip's death can still be a big blow because he was the queen's rock. The monarch once said publicly that her husband is her "strength and stay."

The Duke of Edinburgh would have turned 100 years old on his birthday in June. Sadly, he will no longer be around to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 95th birthday on April 21.

Royal protocols dictate that any royal engagements and affairs of the state in the next eight days will be canceled as the royal family is in a mourning period. The royal households, on the other hand, will be in a mourning period for 30 days. The guardsmen are expected to wear black armbands during this duration.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there will be no public viewing and no lying in state for the queen's husband. However, sources close to the royal family believe that Philip would be happier with this arrangement as he has never regarded himself as someone important enough to be in the spotlight.

Buckingham Palace will make succeeding announcements for the funeral in the following days. It is understood that a ceremonial funeral, instead of a state ceremony, will be underway at St George's Chapel in Windsor.

While mourners have been pouring and gathering at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth has been isolating since March 2020, Downing Street has called on the public to stop converging as a health and safety measure. The official website of the royal family has prepared an online page where mourners can post their messages. The royal family is also encouraging the public to make a donation in lieu of flowers.