Hajime Isayama remains mum about the issue of his masterpiece's continuation after an intriguing editor's goodbye note. As Chapter 139 seems to end with an open ending, is it possible that there will be Attack on Titan Chapter 140?

Fans believe there are a lot of loose ends the manga left that may be resolved in Attack on Titan Chapter 140. If this happens, where will it take fans?

According to BlockToro, rumors have it a new chapter may come out in the form of an epilogue. As some fans are not happy with how the way things end, Isayama may answer everyone's question in an epilogue.

The talks about the manga's continuation stem from the editors' note the creators revealed. As they thanked fans for their more than 11-year support, they said the "battle is only getting started."

So, what does it mean? Fans started thinking Attack on Titan Chapter 140 might have a sequel, telling the story about the future or simply tie up loose ends.

Comicbook added that if the manga continues, it might feature the looming war. Eren revealed he had made himself a monster using the Founding Titan's ability to eradicate 80% of humanity through the Rumbling.

Armin, Mikasa, Levi, and the rest of their friends were dubbed as the heroes fighting Eren to stop his evil plan. Eldia's armies, on the other hand, prepared themselves to fight against the world itself.

Armin, Jean, Connie, Levi, and the rest of the survivors returned to Paradis as ambassadors to negotiate peace between Eldia and humanity. If Attack on Titan Chapter 140 pushes through, this negotiation may be explored, per Epic Dope.

Historia took the lead as the Queen of the Walls, and the final chapter's narration revealed the fight would not end until either one of Eldia and the world would disappear.

That was the same thing Eren said, so he might be right all along. He chose to die so that he could save humanity and the world they now lived in.

The people of Paradis now unite. The remaining military and Jaegerists come together as they realize the world may be going after them.

As they island unifies, they may face the world together if Attack on Titan Chapter 140 continues. The manga finale features Armin, Reiner, Annie, and others ready to take on the new world that is in front of them.

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