Senku will do his best to bring everything back to life in Dr. Stone Chapter 193. After activating the global petrification, the genius scientist believes it is their only hope to make the living back to normal.

Joel set the device to cover 12,800,000 meters and activated it. As the world once again turned into a stone, can Senku successfully reverse the situation in Dr. Stone Chapter 193?

According to Epic Dope, Senku has found a way to bring humanity back to life. Suika may be revived after a matter of time, though it remains to be seen how long it will take.

The shock cannon will louden the natural sound and "focus it on the receiver." The sound will then crack the glass vial, which holds the revival fluid that will rain down on Suika.

From here, the rest of Senku's team members will be revived. However, this is only what Senku plans to happen, and it is yet to be revealed if it will succeed in Dr. Stone Chapter 193.

It may also take days, months, or years before this finally occurs--that is, if it will be deemed effective. Also, it is unknown if this procedure will help heal Tsukasa, Hyoga, and Kohaku's severe injuries.

TV Season Spoilers added Senku believes he now has the perfect opportunity to bring everything back to normal. He is convinced that only global petrification can save them and win over Stanley.

As this move has already started at Xeno's base in North America, it is now expanding and exposing rays. Anyhow, Gen can't help but worry about Corn City, as it takes a lot of time before the beams reach the area.

He is also not fond of Senku's idea, though the latter assures him of its effectiveness. So in Dr. Stone Chapter 193, it will reveal what will happen after the device's reactivation and if Senku's master plan will work out or fail.

In Dr. Stone Chapter 192, Chrome and Saseku believed they would all survive if they threw the device into the air, just like what they did on Treasure Island. Senku stressed that it would depend on how giant the rays could be, OtakuKart News noted.

Chrome then suggested they could use the remaining time to complete the last job on the device. He added that the liquid would help get the job done when the device finally started to sprinkle.

Dr. Stone Chapter 193 is set to be out on Sunday, April 18, on Viz Media and Shueisha's MangaPlus.

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