BTS and their highly popular variety show Run BTS! will be airing a collaboration with The Game Caterers from PD Na Young Suk. Both shows have confirmed that they have completed the filming of the special episodes.

According to reports, the BTS boys agreed to challenge themselves in The Game Caterers as a group and as individuals. The special episodes will highlight how the septet works as a team as they go on "business trips."

The collaboration will run with four episodes with the first set to air on May 4 on Run BTS, as well as online channels like Weverse and Naver V Live. The next episodes will air one week after the other and will be streamed on The Game Caterers' YouTube channel and tVN.

The Game Caterers airs at 10:00 p.m. on South Korea's TV channel for five minutes only. However, the full episodes are officially released on the show's YouTube.

The news comes as BTS has been rumored to enlist together in the military before 2022 ends and they will be inactive on the stage for a full year. South Korean law mandates all men should serve the military before they reach 28 years old. However, that law was slightly amended to allow members of highly-recognized K-Pop groups, such as BTS, to defer their enlistment until they are 30.

This special privilege to defer has been met with some criticisms as no other male K-Pop group has achieved the level of their global success of BTS thus far. The group has been compared to The Beatles in terms of their popularity and influence around the world.

Reports cited that the boys have been anticipating this enlistment thus they have been ramping up on the production of their singles and videos, which will be released in staggered stages while they are in the service.

Enlisting together will also minimize the chances of BTS being inactive for several years as they wait for everyone to finish their military duties. The Bangtan Boys' agency, Big Hit Music, only briefly commented on the reports of their enlistment, saying that they have nothing to add to the matter except what the septet has said in previous interviews.

Meanwhile, BTS is also collaborating with McDonald's in releasing a special BTS Meal this May and June across the fast-food chain's outlets across 50 countries. The boys have also completed another deal with Hyundai for their eco-centric campaign for Earth Day with a new video. This is the second collaboration between the band and the carmaker.