BTS members RM and Suga opened about their trainee days when they used to live in one dormitory with 30 other boys who were also hoping to become part of a supergroup.

The BTS boys said that there was only one bathroom at their dormitory and it was always in use. So, those who needed to bathe or do their business had to go to a nearby convenience store with a bathroom to use the facilities.

Suga said that doing laundry was also an issue because they would often mix up and lose their freshly-laundered clothes. Living in a dorm full of boys meant that they shared most of their stuff, including their clothes, with each other.

RM, however, said that it's hard to be in one bedroom with at least 11 other trainees at a time. With different personalities and upbringing, the BTS member admitted that getting along with each other can be a problem.

RM and Suga said that several aspiring young men have come and gone at their training dormitory until only the seven of them remained. It's not luck that placed these BTS boys where they are because RM, Suga and the other five members had to endure years of practice and life lessons to be ready for stardom.

Meanwhile, RM, whose real name is Kim Namjoon, said that being the leader of BTS bears a lot of responsibility. But he wants to be a positive influence on the fans and he wants the ARMY to see that hard work does result in a good outcome.

To relax and keep himself centered, RM loves walks in the parks to admire the beauty of nature. He takes a lot of photos of his surroundings to inspire him to write music and he documents this on his social media. His fellow BTS members even coined a term for this - "Namjooning" - which means to relax and find peace around nature.

Suga, on the other hand, reflected on what changed for him following his shoulder surgery in late 2020. The BTS rapper said that he has been working out continuously and doing motion ranges to put his arm back to 100 percent.

Doctors advised the K-Pop idol that he should not be impatient as his recovery will take time. If he rushes with his healing and forces the use of his arm, he could need another surgery.

Suga also said that he has stopped drinking caffeinated drinks post-surgery because his body felt off. He doesn't want to go through that feeling of nausea again as it's the awful effects of coffee lasted the whole day.

BTS' RM and Suga hold each other in high regard. The boys have collaborated more than once in creating the lyrics for these BTS hits: "Moonchild", "Seoul" and "So Far Away."