BTS fans want Disney+ to "release the BTS cut" of an episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier after Danny Ramirez, one of the actors in the action series, said that a BTS scene was edited out of the final output.

Ramirez said that he and star Anthony Mackie did ad-libs of one scene where they discussed the South Korean K-pop group and specifically referenced RM, the leader of the BTS. Ramirez also said that he and Mackie did a little BTS dance in the scene, which was likely the reason for the cut.

The actor shared that it would have been cool to have that scene in the series, prompting BTS fans to trend #ReleaseTheBTSCut on Twitter. Disney+ and Marvel, however, have yet to respond to the clamor.

Ramirez, incidentally, also confessed that he is a fan of BTS and was even able to watch a concert at the Rose Bowl. The actor shared a video of himself singing and dancing with the crowd as the BTS performed on the stage.

Fans of both the K-Pop group and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were thrilled to know that Ramirez is part of the BTS ARMY. They also asked him to release more clips from the concert since they have been missing watching BTS perform on the stage due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Meanwhile, the BTS brand has been going strong not just for their music but because of their numerous tie-ups with various companies. After McDonald's announced its release of the BTS Meal for April and May, the septet followed this up with a deal with Louis Vuitton as the iconic fashion brand's newest ambassador.

According to Lee Young-ae, a consumer science professor at the Incheon National University, these brands are eager to tie up with BTS to attract a wider demographics. However, because of the group's strong presence on social media, these brands also want to create buzz on various platforms. Apparently, companies see social media clout as a great asset since it's now the fastest way to spread information, as well as deliver feedback.

BTS is also the brand ambassador for Samsung Electronics, Hyundai, Conway, Fila and Lotte Duty-Free. In the international scene, the seven men have tie-ups with brands like Smart Communications in the Philippines and Tokopedia in Indonesia. Experts said that these deals with companies have been a well-devised marketing plan, dubbed by the Koreans as "The BTS Effect."