BTS member V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, looks up to his father as his hero and while he has a lot of things in common with his father when it comes to looks, their similarities in personality and mannerism are also striking.

According to reports, V said that he learned to speak in a sweet, sincere and charming way because of his father. From his stories about him, V's father seems to be a man who always looks at the bright side.

One time, V shared during a BTS fan event that he and his father were scammed by a taxi driver in South Korea. However, his dad simply said that the driver may have his reasons for charging them with a high price and ripping them off.

V also revealed that, as a child, he only saw his parents during the weekends because of their work. So, he was raised by his grandmother, whom he was also quite close to. In 2016, V's grandmother passed away while he was on a concert tour in the Philippines. He tearfully recounted his loss when he returned to Korea.

But despite their family's setup, his father continues to provide great advice for him, even during his years as a BTS trainee. During the times when he doubted his future with BTS, his father said that he can quit being a trainee if it's becoming too hard as there are other jobs. His father was even willing to help him look for a job together, making V realize the value of commitment and he resolved to work harder as a BTS member.

V's father also shared words of advice with the rest of the septet. RM said that it's always V's father who'll tell the boys that challenges are not a big deal and they will overcome whatever they face with their work with the band.

In one of vlogs, V gave the fans a glimpse of his downtimes with his father and family. V is the oldest of three siblings. His sister is Kim Eun Jin and his younger brother is Kim Jeon Gyu. Whenever they can, the family proudly watches the concert of BTS and cheer on V.

When not working, V takes his family on trips abroad. They've had family adventures in Switzerland and Thailand. The BTS member said that this was his way of showing his appreciation because they supported him all the way, when he told them that he'll have to move away to train for BTS.