BTS surprised their legions of fans with an announcement that they are releasing their second English-language song on May 21. "Butter" has been described as a piece of dance music infusing the "smooth and charismatic" BTS charm.

The release of "Butter" follows "Film Out," which will be included in the Japanese-release album BTS, the Best, due in June. However, it's still unclear if "Butter" is part of the same album or from a different compilation altogether.

All fans were told, in the surprise YouTube announcement, was that the single will be coming out in a few weeks. The animated video clip simply showed a stick of melting butter with a countdown timer and sounds coming from what seemed like a busy kitchen.

This will be the group's second English-language song after "Dynamite," which was released in August 2020 and was nominated for a Grammy. Though BTS lost to Lady Gaga and Arianna Grande, the septet said that they are still figuring out what to make of the success of "Dynamite."

According to BTS leader, RM, they have only truly aspired to perform their own song at the Grammy Awards. This performance was worth even more than the nomination or the possibility of winning.

RM, however, said that they are flattered and excited to have been nominated, which was the icing on the cake on their journey to stardom. The boys even beat their own record in the music charts and they currently have the most-viewed music video on YouTube as "Dynamite" hits over 100 million views.

Meanwhile, BTS is looking forward to performing on the stage with a live audience again. They've been eager to meet the ARMY, which had been stalled because of the coronavirus.

BTS member Jin said that since the vaccines are rolling out, it's only a matter of time before they are allowed to hold concerts again. For the rest of the year, however, the septet is working on new songs and solo songs for there's still plenty for fans to look forward to.

RM said that that they feel they have a sense of responsibility towards their fans around the world. Though they are working harder than ever before during this pandemic, the BTS leader said that they make it a point not to feel consumed by work as it could also impact their creative process. So, far RM believes that they are still able to strike a balance as their star power keeps rising.