Zara Tindall has, allegedly, warned Meghan Markle to stop dragging her mother, Princess Anne, into her issues after reports came to light that it was the Princess Royal who made a racist remark directed at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's son.

Sources told New Idea that Tindall, who is Prince Harry's cousin and the queen's eldest granddaughter, thinks it was a mistake for Markle to play the race card when she sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey. She has been distrustful of Harry's wife before and her fears were proven true because of Markle's statements against the royal family.

While Meghan Markle didn't exactly say who among the royal family members raised the color of her son's skin, a royal insider revealed that it was Anne. Lady Colin Campbell, who has been in a few royal engagements and events, said that Anne had legitimate concerns about their union and their baby, which were misinterpreted by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Campbell, who is a known critic of the Sussex couple, accused Markle of "weaponizing" these concerns and was eager to "spot a slight" against Harry's family. Buckingham Palace, however, declined to comment on Campbell's statements.

Reports also stated that it was Anne who treated Harry with coldness when he returned to the United Kingdom for the funeral of Prince Philip in April. Witnesses claimed that the Princess Royal, as well as the Earl and Countess of Wessex, Prince Edward and Sophie, did not attempt to talk to Harry as they were still upset over the Winfrey interview.

Sources told Daily Mail that Anne, Edward and Sophie have "little sympathy" for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex despite airing their concerns about their mental struggles as working royals. They resent the couple's statements against the royal institution, whose head is Queen Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Daily Express cited that Prince William reached out to Tindall to convince her to help in their royal work once he is the king. Tindall was never a working royal and was able to pursue her own interest since Anne didn't want her children to be in the royal spotlight.

The source said that William was hoping to change Tindall's mind since he could no longer count on Meghan Markle and his brother to help with their royal roles as they are determined to go on a different path. But only time will tell of Tindall will ever assume a role in the Firm.