Fans are now looking forward to seeing Yasuke Season 2 after the success and rave reviews of the debut season. Though Netflix has yet to renew the series, it seems to have a bright future ahead of it.

One of the anime series' producers and composer Flying Lotus hints at the possible coming of Yasuke Season 2. Does this mean fans are about to see the titular character back on the small screen again?

In a post on Twitter, the musician revealed there would be a bigger world to explore after the first season's success. They even hoped the series' six episode would serves as an "introduction" to this new world that would hype fans more.

He added they had big plans for the show and they were only starting. In an interview with Comicbook, the anime's director and producer LeSean Thomas revealed the first season's response was so great it might be far greater if it would become "more than what it is."

He, too, is excited seeing fans digging for the show, though it remains to be seen what will happen from here or if there will be Yasuke Season 2. It may be nice to know if the anime will have a "big splash" and continue amid its success.

Netflix Life noted the show now has a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes in just less than 24 hours, which is an incredible feat. Will this ignite for a new season to come?

So far, Netflix has yet to announce if it will renew the series or not. As the first installment just dropped on April 29, it may be too early to tell.

Anyhow, Thomas remains optimistic that there will be a second season coming. So, what will happen from here?

The first season ended with Yasuke (LaKeith Stanfield) battling the Daimyo's army, led by his archenemy Mitsuhide or aka The Dark General (Noshir Dalal), per Screenrant. Saki then received "astral plane guidance" from Dr. Morisuke (Noshir Dalal), while Abraham's former bounty hunters offered help to Yasuke.

Ishikawa (Dia Frampton) and Nikita (Julie Marcus) died, while Saki managed to reach complete harmony with her ability, resulting in Daimyo's death. At the end of the series, Yasuke was seen letting go of his past by visiting Natsumaru's (Ming-Na Wen) grave and giving her sword to her surviving brother.

So, if Yasuke Season 2 comes, fans are about to see the lead character in a new adventure. Will Yasuke succeed again this time? Share your comments below.