Black Clover Chapter 292 spoilers may come out anytime today after the Golden Week holiday in Japan ends. Despite the lack of updates, there are theories the new chapter may mainly focus on Zora and Magna's fight against Dante.

Black Clover Chapter 292 may feature the end of Magna, Zora, and Dante's heated battle. Will the duo finally defeat Lucifero's host this time?

Magna and Zora may join forces to stop Dante from wreaking havoc on the Spade Kingdom. The two may return to the field to bravely face the Dark Triad member on their own.

Dante disrespected Magna when he said he could leave once he's done with his attacks. However, it looked like he had no idea that his spell could be deadly.

According to BlockToro, Magna's new power lets him absorb half of his opponent's mana that will give him the equal ability of his enemy. Later, Zora will join Magna in the fight and unleash a couple of combo attacks against Dante in Black Clover Chapter 292.

Though some believe the two may have a hard time bringing Dante down, they may, at least, leave him with huge damage. The new installment may also shed light on how Magna and Zora achieve their new spells.

In Black Clover Chapter 291, Asta finally defeated Lilith and Naamah, impressing Nacht, who watched on the sideline. The vice-captain commended his mentee for successfully utilizing Devil Union Mode despite not completing it, IBTimes noted.

He even compared Asta to Captain Yami with his incredible ability. However, this transformation had an adverse side effect, giving Asta excruciating body pain and making him unable to use it again for 30 minutes.

This made Nacht worried, knowing the Dark Triad members were inching closer to their area and their fighters might not be able to hold on for 30 minutes fighting Dante, Vanica, and other devils. Nacht said Morris was opening the Underworld gates faster, so they needed to deal with him quickly.

He also wanted to stop the Dark Triad before they could open the next gate. So, Nacht suggested Asta use his Anti-Magic instead in fighting the enemies as he waited for his Devil Union Mode to get activated.

The scene then shifted to Jack the Ripper's fight against Dante, repeatedly slashing the villain's body that easily regenerated. Though he had already sustained severe injuries, Jack had no plans to give up.

Fortunately, Magna and Zora came to the rescue, launching a fireball attack on Dante's chest. From here, these two would take over the fight that would be seen in Black Clover Chapter 292, which would drop on Sunday, May 9, per HITC.

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