My Hero Academia Chapter 311 will finally drop this week after a long wait due to the Golden Week holidays in Japan. Though the spoilers and other details are yet to come, there are theories it may focus on the UA students this time.

My Hero Academia Chapter 311 may shift its focus from the intense fights to Class 2-A to give some update about the students. The aspiring heroes are now in their second year, so what development have they made so far?

According to BlockToro, some suggest the manga story will return to the UA High. The students are no longer Class 1-A anymore, so fans may need to get used to calling them Class 2-A.

This may be the best time that Bakugo, Shoto, Uraraka, and others who are friends and classmates of Deku will get the spotlight that they deserve. The new installment may finally reveal these youngsters' reaction to Deku's decision to leave the class and turn into a vigilante to hunt the villains alone.

My Hero Academia Chapter 311 may also feature Deku's feelings about the path that he takes. In addition, Republic World noted fans might get a glimpse of Deku's hard training to attain the full powers of his Quirks.

He may get Hawks' help to hone his Danger Sense Quirk and improve his reflexes using fast counterattacks to defeat the enemies. After finding the middle ground with the previous One for All users, they are ready to grow stronger to dominate All for One.

However, despite his solid abilities and the help of other heroes, it can't be denied that Deku has a hard time maintaining peace in the world currently dominated by darkness. He now wonders what is the League of Villains has been planning as Shigaraki, All for One, Dabi, Nomu, and others have been missing in action.

Fortunately, the wait will be soon over as My Hero Academia Chapter 311 will drop this week. Weekly Shonen Jump takes a one-week break in honor of the country's Golden Week.

As the holiday is now over, the magazine is back to its usual schedule. So, the manga's new chapter will be finally out on Sunday, May 9, in the U.S. and Monday, May 10, in Japan, per Comicbook. The release will start at midnight Eastern Time and can be seen on Viz Media or Comixology.

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