Tokyo Revengers Episode 5 will show if Takemichi will be able to save two lives or more as he travels back in time. As the previous episode showed how the Toko Manji gang got famous, would he manage to put them on the right path?

Takemichi will be on the move to save the Tokyo Manji gang in Tokyo Revengers Episode 5. As these things will make him realize everything he is doing in his life, will he have any regrets?

According to Epic Dope, the Tokyo Manji gang took the wrong path back when it was only starting. Now, it is Takemichi's call to change that.

He may then accept Mickey's offer to join the gang. This way, he will have the chance to stop Kisaki's plan to intercede the group.

A lot of lives now depend on Takemichi. Despite the pressure, he believes he can change everyone's future.

Elsewhere, Naoto will start investigating Draken's death. From here, he may find a clue that will put him an inch closer to the person behind the murder in Tokyo Revengers Episode 5.

However, Takemichi may try his best to save Draken from his murderer as he travels back in time, knowing his survival will put everyone into safety. In addition, the new episode may finally reveal the mysterious identity of the young man with glasses.

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 4, Hinata helped Takemichi study, so she invited him to her house, though her real intent was to know him more. They then watched the fireworks on her rooftop when he accidentally took her hand, The Cinemaholic noted.

This put Takemichi back to the past immediately. He then reached out to Mikey while Hinata saw the significant changes happening in his personality.

The two then realized that his travel changed the past and his friend, Atsushi Sendo, turned out to be the Tokyo Manji gang's administer. So, when Takemichi saw him again, he was amazed by how Sendo dramatically changed.

Sendo made a revelation that he was the one who pushed him onto the railway tracks, realizing that Takemichi could time travel. Sendo then told him that he worked under Kisaki, living a life in constant fear of his boss.

Sendo also revealed Draken was already dead. Before he took his own life, Sendo asked Takemichi to save everyone.

Could he do it in Tokyo Revengers Episode 5? Find out when the new episode drops on Saturday, May 8, per Epic Stream.

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