Welcome to Demon School, Iruma Kun Season 2 Episode 4, titled "The Student Council President's Gaze," will put the Student Council in trouble. After Ronove Romiere's introduction, he immediately declared the Dissolution Election on the Student Council.

Will this put Iruma in danger in Welcome to Demon School, Iruma Kun Season 2 Episode 4, knowing he is a human? Will someone replace Ameri?

According to Epic Dope, the Disciplinary Battler challenges the Student Council by starting a Dissolution Election. The election will then take place and the winner will soon be announced.

However, as Ameri is still under the spell, will this result in her defeat? The red-orange-haired girl's personality has altered due to the magic dominating her.

But despite the spell, she will still manage through and win the students' hearts. How will she do this?

She will still have the votes for the Student Council in Welcome to Demon School, Iruma Kun Season 2 Episode 4. Does this mean a sure win for Ameri?

The Demon School Babyls features six levels with 666 students. Many Demons co-exist here, and a group of students is responsible for maintaining order and watching their classmates.

Suzuki Iruma, who lives in the demon world, manages to hide his real identity as a human. His friend, Ameri, gets praise from other demons for her incredible beauty, OtakuKart News noted.

One of them then reveals that Broadcast Battler's Baraki hasn't noticed someone suspicious in the PA room. Iruma then becomes the new Student Council member and they are now solving a mysterious case.

Alice can't believe that Ameri has become the Student Council President, to which Clara suggests she is maybe the leader's twin sister. Alice thinks Iruma is in trouble because of Ameri's actions.

Ever since he joins the Student Council, he can no longer walk with him to school or even get close to him. Iruma, on the other hand, wants to confront Alice, but a Demon with purple hair appears, pulls him back and tells him it is time for practice.

Iruma and the rest of the Student Council members then talk about the girls who have to stay in a room until Ameri gets better and returns to normal. Will she finally be okay in Welcome to Demon School, Iruma Kun Season 2 Episode 4?

Find out when the new episode drops on Saturday, May 8, at 9 p.m. Japan Standard Time on NHK Educational TV, per Dekh News.

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