The complicated love triangle between Elizabeth (Erin Krakow), Nathan (Kevin McGarry), and Lucas (Chris McNally) might be coming to an end in When Calls the Heart season 8 finale. This has been one of the major storylines in the current installment, with both men determined to win her heart.

In the latest preview of When Calls the Heart season 8 finale, Elizabeth can be seen making a decision when it comes to her love life. Although she made it clear before that she's not ready to fall in love again after her husband's, Jack (Daniel Lissing), death, she is now ready to move forward.

It looks like Elizabeth has finally realized who she wants to be with. During the early run of the current installment, she seems hesitant in opening her heart to both Nathan and Lucas. But, as the synopsis of When Calls the Heart season 8 finale notes, "she has finally realized who she's meant to be with."

Nathan and Lucas have shown their determination to pursue Elizabeth. They are supportive and know how to take care of her. However, some of the events that happened in the past few episodes may have impacted her decision in choosing the man for her.

For instance, there have been hints that Elizabeth might end up with Lucas, mostly because of their blossoming relationship and they've become even closer. Yet, in the penultimate episode, he told her that he's willing to let her go if her heart truly belongs to someone else.

Meanwhile, Nathan also cares for Elizabeth and he's willing to sacrifice just to see her happy. The two seemingly drifted apart after the revelation that he may have an indirect part in Jack's death. This likely affected her decision, in addition to being a Mountie just like her late husband.

However, some speculated that Elizabeth will choose Nathan in When Calls the Heart season 8 finale despite what happened to them as of late. This may have been hinted in the penultimate, "Changing Times," as her eyes light up whenever she sees him passing by.

When Nathan also dropped Florence's wedding bouquet at her house, Elizabeth asked him to take his red serge off so she can warm it up before heading back to the cold. This is something that she routinely did when Jack was still alive.

Elizabeth started to button it up, but she stopped when she realized that the moment was too familiar to her. This prompted fans to speculate that she will choose Nathan, as it also marks the first time a serge uniform has been on her house since her husband's death.

When Calls the Heart season 8 finale is titled "The Kiss" and it will be airing on Sunday, May 9, on Hallmark Channel.