Princess Charlotte might just be six years old, but her future role has been set before her as a senior member of the royal family. When that day comes, Charlotte will be ready to assume her role, thanks to the positive female role models surrounding her as she's growing up.

According to royal commentator Katie Nicholl, Charlotte is lucky to have her mother, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, as her guide and mentor. She also has her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, as someone to look up to.

The young royal has more positive female role models in Carole Middleton, her grandmother, and aunt Pippa Middleton. Charlotte is also easily surrounded by many loving and loyal mother figures in the royal family who can define the young child's significant duty to the Crown in the future.

Charlotte will likely not become the monarch but she will be needed as the support system for her brother, Prince George, who is the third in line to the throne. When the Cambridge children are grown-ups, they will be the new faces of the royal family but Nicholl is confident that the young royals will be able to thrive because of how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been molding their children.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have started turning the royal spotlight on their children by slowly introducing them to a life of duty. They took George and Charlotte on an official tour in Canada in 2016 and they've gone on royal tours in Germany and Poland with their parents as well. Since then, the two royal kids have grown more comfortable attending public events despite their young ages.

Royal journalist Jeremy Vine also believes that George will make a good king one day because of the influences of his parents and the nurturing the Cambridge children are getting from both sides of the family, the Middletons and the royals.

However, the youngest Cambridge child, Prince Louis, is growing up in a different world than his two older siblings because he has yet to embark on his official royal tour. Louis has also started formal schooling a year later than his siblings.

The pandemic lockdowns have essentially impacted and changed part of Louis' childhood, according to royal commentator Elizabeth Holmes. As the Cambridge family learned to adjust to the new normal, Louis' formative years are also becoming distinctively different than Prince George and Princess Charlotte and he could be the royal to watchone day.