George, Charlotte and Louis, the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, cannot form a childhood bond with their cousin, Archie, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, because of their physical distance. However, a royal expert believes that the Cambridge kids will appreciate their first cousin once they become adults.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward said that the royal cousins will learn to value each other as they grow up because it will be hard for them to form friends and find friends they can trust outside of the Firm. Seward believes that George, Charlotte and Louis do not have to have a childhood bond with Archie but they could be very close with their cousin when they are older.

She further said that it would be cool for the Cambridge kids to "have a California cousin" who will be "such a dude" as an adult. She also believes that Princess Diana would want her grandchildren to form a friendship because they are plenty of untrustworthy people surrounding the royal family.

But George, Charlotte and Louis are quite close to their other cousins. According to reports, the kids of Prince William and Kate Middleton often hang out with the children of William's cousin, Zara Tindall. The royal family is known to be very tight-knit and spend summer and Christmas holidays together at Queen Elizabeth's estates.

Prince Harry, in particular, has formed a special bond with his cousin, Princess Eugenie, as children and they are said to be the best of friends now that they are both adults and have families of their own.

Archie, on the other hand, has not been back to the United Kingdom since leaving the country in late 2019 to stay in Vancouver in Canada and then in California in the U.S. He was barely a year old when his parents brought him abroad and he wasn't able to spend time with his great-grandparents or other members of the royal family in person.

The Sussex baby, who will turn two years old on May 6, has only kept in contact with the royal family through video calls. Harry himself confirmed in an interview with James Corden, that the queen and the late Prince Philip would watch Archie play in the background when they have video conference calls.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had plans to bring Archie to the U.K. to spend time with George, Charlotte and Louis, as well as their grandparents, last summer. However, as the coronavirus struck and affected everyone's travel plans and family gatherings, the Sussex family were not able to return home as originally planned.