Fans and followers have waited for years to learn details and updates about Made in Abyss Season 2. But, it was only on Wednesday when confirmations arrived that a new installment to the series will happen.

Comic Book said that the announcement came from the franchise's official website and social media accounts. On Twitter, the production revealed that it will premiere in 2022, carrying the title, Made in Abyss: The Sun Blazes Upon the Golden City.

The update, also, came with a poster for the new season. But, despite releasing a teaser visual, it did not give any information about the scope and coverage of Season 2. 

There has been no announcement, as well, regarding the cast and production staff members. The same goes for the exact release date and the number of episodes. Nevertheless, avid fans are still in celebration, considering that the long wait will soon be over.

The publication continued, however, that Made in Abyss Season 2 will pick up where the last feature film left off. Accordingly, some individuals may need to revisit the events that took place within the Dawn of the Deep Soul.

The last feature film premiered earlier in 2020. It follows the events of the first two movies in the franchise, taking place after the first season of the material.

The public initially thought that a new film will arrive in 2022 instead of the second season. This came after the first announcement in January noted that a "sequel" material had started the production process.

A separate report from Comic Book previously assumed that it was an update for a potential film. Fans and followers continued to speculate until Wednesday when the confirmation finally dropped.

Many have since expressed their excitement on the platform, adding that they cannot wait any longer for Made in Abyss Season 2. Some even stated that they now have a reason to live until next year, proving just how much fans and followers are looking forward to the upcoming installment.

While no one knows yet what may happen in the new season, talks and discussions about the matter have become apparent. CBR released a report last year, detailing some of the questions that fans and viewers are looking forward to being answered in Made in Abyss Season 2.

Based on the list, many are wondering whether the viewers will see the Star Compass again. It was introduced back in the pilot installment but, Riko lost it after three episodes.

The same, also, applies to the "man in the iron mask." Several individuals are, reportedly, curious whether the identity of the character will finally be revealed in Season 2.