The members of MAMAMOO are seemingly working on several solo projects these past few months. While there are no updates yet as to when the group will return to the music space, the K-Pop idols maintain their relationships with their fans and supporters.

Earlier this week, Solar uploaded a video on YouTube, revealing her skincare routine. Koreaboo said that she, also, shared how she resolves her acne issues and problems, especially when it comes to acne scarring.

In the material, she showed five different skincare products that she uses every day. These include her "holy grail" for combating acne scars.

The MAMAMOO member first showed off her Scarderm Clear Gel. She explained that it is a medication to treat scars from acne.

Solar, then, went through with the process of applying the product onto her acne scar areas. She noted that it is "not sticky," adding that it feels refreshing after application.

She continued that she gets a lot of scarring because she pops her acne. Later on, she recommended putting the gel on the "scar after the scab falls off" instead of applying it on top of the scab.

The other products that she shared with her subscribers are the Theraderm cucumber toning lotion, Eucerin eye cream, Theraderm lightening serum, and Water-Max hydrating cream. She claimed that aside from her acne problems, she has sensitive skin.

In the end, the MAMAMOO member advised that "timing is really important" when tackling and managing acne scars. Accordingly, "quick treatment" is a must, noting that Scarderm Clear Gel is a fast and effective scar medicine.

On the same channel, Solar previously took her fans and followers through her make-up routine. She, also, shared some tips and hacks for everyone to follow, especially when intending to pull off a warm-toned look.

The MAMAMOO vocalist began with her sunscreen for protection before applying her foundation. She consequently applied her eyeshadow, as well as her eyeliner.

She said that using pink shadows under the eyes "creates an innocent and doll-like effect." Later on, she revealed that K-Pop stars use the trick of burning a stick to curl the lashes.

The MAMAMOO member has never shied away from sharing tips and pieces of advice when it comes to beauty. Back in 2018, Solar emphasized that anyone can be "beautiful and healthy both inside and out."

She explained that this is possible as long as one "always thinks optimistically." Co-member Hwasa echoed Solar's assertions, adding that people should not try to fit themselves to beauty standards that other people set.