The members of BTS always play fun games for their variety shows. In the latest episode of Run BTS!, the septet played the so-called "Figure Quiz" game wherein they have to name the celebrity shown in pictures in front of them.

Koreaboo reported that the event led everyone to a shocking moment, especially on the K-Pop idols' side. This came after V's turn and failed to win for their group.

However, it was not his losing the game that surprised his co-members. What shocked the rest of the group, as well as their fans, was his failure to recognize Robert Downey Jr. from the Marvel franchise.

The game went smoothly at first for the BTS members. V even managed to provide the correct answers in the beginning.

But, when the photo of the Iron Man star flashed in front of them, the "Sweet Night" singer surprisingly asked, "who's this." His statements led his co-members to react as if they "lost their minds," considering how famous the celebrity is today.

Reports said that the members "shouted, fell over, and leapt to their feet" after hearing V. Jungkook, who is a "diehard" fan of Iron Man, also, screamed and jumped up and down after discovering that his groupmate was not able to name his idol.

A separate report from Koreaboo said that the recent episode of Run BTS! has become one of the "funniest" installments of the variety show. Aside from what happened during the "Figure Quiz" game, several other moments took place, causing the K-Pop idols to enjoy and have fun while shooting.

The episode featured producer Na Young Suk, as well. He, reportedly, surprised the BTS members for his guesting gig.

In one part of the show, Jin even "politely threatened" the television personality. As explained, he told Na Young Suk that ARMYs would come to his channel if he would not make Jungkook's mistakes slide.

The septet appears to be having fun while working on their projects. They are currently gearing up for their official comeback with their second all-English track, "Butter."

Billboard said that BTS recently released two new teaser materials for their upcoming single. The two clips feature Jin and Suga, alongside their iconic props of yellow balloons and cameras, respectively.

On Monday, they, also, dropped two other clips of the same concept. The materials feature RM and Jungkook, leading many fans and followers to speculate that there will be three more teaser visuals to arrive in the next few days.