Weeks have passed since Mushoku Tensei aired its last first season episode. With the success and popularity of the light novel adaptation, many have since wondered when the new installments will arrive.

The heads of the production have maintained their silence regarding the matter. But, an insider recently claimed that two seasons are already in the works, according to Comic Book.

On Twitter, the source posted an update about the highly-acclaimed anime. It, also, came with a poster of the series, featuring the main characters of the title.

Fans and followers immediately shared their excitement on the same platform. The post has since garnered nearly 2000 likes and over 440 retweets.

Despite this, though, confirmation about the news remains scarce. Accordingly, no one knows whether it is, indeed, a legitimate update about Mushoku Tensei.

The publication noted, however, that the insider who posted the update is a well-known source of anime updates. The netizen, reportedly, has a "track record of gleaning anime secrets," causing the latest post a "worth-noting" one.

This is why many are positive that the anime series will return soon for its second and third seasons. But, as for the release date, no word has been said yet.

The latest news about Mushoku Tensei has, reportedly, gotten many fans and followers "freaking out." It is not surprising, considering the massive success of the first season earlier this year.

However, there are previous reports stating that the series will return this year for its second cour. The information dropped immediately after the last episode aired on small screens.

The next set of episodes to continue the course of the pilot season will, reportedly, arrive this July. But, as to whether this is a separate report from the alleged Seasons 2 and 3 productions, no one could confirm.

While there is an apparent lack of information about the future of Mushoku Tensei, fans and followers are now certain that it will return with all-new episodes. Whether it may be part of the second cour or second season, the avid viewers are just looking forward to witnessing the next set of events.

While waiting for the upcoming installments, supporters may re-watch all the aired episodes on Crunchyroll. Reports said that the English-dubbed version of the first season is now available for streaming on the platform.

So far, these are the only details available about the Mushoku Tensei. More updates will likely arrive in the next few weeks, especially if the series will, indeed, return this summer.