BTS is gearing up for their official comeback this year. But, while they are busy with their promotions for their upcoming second all-English track, they still seemingly spare time for their families and loved ones.

On Wednesday, AllKpop said that several individuals spotted J-Hope in Gangnam, Seoul. Some even claimed that the rest of the septet was, also, present during the event.

As explained, the gathering was his sister's wedding with her non-celebrity boyfriend. It was a private function, with their families, relatives, and a few acquaintances as guests.

The group's rapper, reportedly, delivered a congratulatory message in place of their father. This led the bride to shed some tears as per sources.

While the function was intimate and out of the public's eyes, several photos emerged on social media platforms. Based on the images, they feature J-Hope in his all-new look with his blonde locks.

The pictures do not show him maskless, though, considering that they still had to take precautionary measures due to the pandemic crisis. Likewise, the guests all appear to have worn their face coverings during the event.

Many netizens, especially fans and supporters of BTS expressed their joy and congratulated J-Hope's sister and brother-in-law. In online forum platforms, they wished the family well, especially the newlyweds.

While the snaps have become a "treat" for some avid fans of the K-Pop group, several ARMYs, as well as fans of J-Hope's sister, slammed those who are publishing the photos online. The Republic World reported that many of these individuals shared their disappointments on various media channels, calling out the pictures from the private event.

The majority of them stated that the public should give J-Hope's sister and their family the respect and privacy they need. Some even pointed out that the bride held a private event for a reason, adding that she, also, asked for privacy on her Instagram bio.

Despite this, though, it is not surprising why many people are eager to see how the wedding went and how it looked like. Aside from the popularity of J-Hope and BTS, the rapper's sister is, also, famous on her own.

South China Morning Post previously said that Jung Jiwoo has increasingly become popular these days because of her career. Apart from being a social media and fashion influencer, thanks to her own YouTube channel and fashion brand, she recently closed a deal with Cube Entertainment.

She did not sign on with the agency as a K-Pop idol. Based on the label's website, she is a YouTuber and fashion influencer under the company.