There was a time when BTS members RM and J-Hope shared a love for one talented woman, whose face became the wallpaper of their phone's lock screen.

This happened a few years before BTS made it big in the international scene. They shared a great admiration for American rapper and music artist Tinashe, who became well-known for "Body Language," her song collaboration with Usher.

J-Hope also had Tinashe's face on his computer as revealed in a photo post on social media by V, their fellow BTS member. Both RM and J-Hope have also said in interviews that they are eager to collaborate with the talented music star.

Tinashe has addressed talks of a collaboration in several interviews as well. In a red carpet talk with Billboard, the artist told BTS to send her some tracks because she would like to work with the group as well.

However, the fans, as well as BTS themselves, are still waiting on this dream to become a reality. Some were also crushed to learn that BTS unfollowed Tinashe on Twitter early this year, along with a dozen of other popular accounts. No reason has been revealed for the decision to unfollow though fans have many speculations, including that it was an accidental move.

Meanwhile, J-Hope was seen at his older sister's wedding ceremony, where the BTS members were also guests. His photos at the wedding have been trending online since J-Hope's sister, Jung Ji-woo, is also a celebrity in her own right. Jung is a YouTube influencer who runs her own fashion company, AJLook, and she's also the talent for Cube Entertainment. Her brother has been promoting her brand on his platform.

The siblings have a close relationship but their very public personas could attract controversies. Jung once had to address online bullies after her YouTube channel reached a million subscribers in a matter of days. Some have accused her of becoming too commercial but she said she's still growing her platform and have yet to make money off it.

RM also has a sister who is years younger than him. Unlike Jung, however, Kim Kyung Min mostly keeps a low profile and hasn't had much social media presence.

Incidentally, both brothers also think that their sisters could be good friends and close to one special person: Jimin. J-Hope admitted in one video that Jung is fond of Jimin as a friend. It is believed that the families of the group also get together occasionally.