BTS member J-Hope has made a substantial contribution to a children's charity to benefit Africa, in the amount of 100 million won or $90,0000, but this is not the first time the pop star has shared his blessings with the less fortunate.

According to reports, J-Hope has been donating to ChildFund Korea, a Seoul charity helping the children of Tanzania, since 2018. It's his commitment as part of the Green Noble club, which is made up of ChildFund Korea donors with high value. Since his participation in the Green Noble Club, J-Hope has donated more than $630,000 to the foundation.

The donation coincided with Children's Day, a special national holiday in South Korea. Even K-Drama actress, Suzy Bae, who starred in the series Start-Up, donated a million won to the charity. Bae is also a supporter of causes for orphans and young cancer patients from low-income families.

J-Hope and Bae's contribution to ChildFund Korea will help build the One Stop Center, a new support system for abused children in Tanzania. This facility will provide medical, legal and counseling support for young victims of violence.

The BTS member's support will also help raise awareness about the suffering of children in impoverished communities. The organization thanked J-Hope for reaching out overseas, especially at this time, when the world is suffering from the pandemic.

J-Hope, nicknamed "Sunshine" by the BTS ARMY for his warm and positive personality, has always been known as a helpful soul. Fans love him for his wholesome appeal but he is the first to admit that there is pressure in keeping his persona all the time.

In the BTS documentary Break the Silence, J-Hope said that he doesn't aim to make grand gestures to make his life meaningful and believes that small contributions to society will still matter a lot. On the stage, however, J-Hope said that he makes sure to give it his all for the love of the fans.

Meanwhile, J-Hope and the rest of BTS are on the heels of a new song release. "Butter" is set to hit the airwaves on May 21 and there's a lot of anticipation surrounding this song because it's the band's second full English music after the highly-lauded "Dynamite."

"Butter" has been described as a smooth dance track filled with the "charismatic charm" of BTS. Teasers featuring BTS member RM and Jungkook have dropped recently and J-Hope's own teaser will sure to follow in the coming days.