BTS has kicked off the promotion of their new single, "Butter," in high gear by making changes to their social media profiles and since the announcement of this new song, the boyband's presence on the internet has shifted to a butter yellow theme. The memes have also started popping up on various platforms.

According to reports, the band's Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profiles have changed layouts to black and yellow to represent the release of Butter. Because of this, members of the ARMY, BTS' fan group, have also changed their profile pictures to the new theme's color.

The "Butter" teaser also started trending among social media netizens and has now surpassed seven million views on YouTube. The ARMY has been making early predictions that this new song, the band's second full English music, could eclipse the popularity of Dynamite.

Meanwhile, members of the ARMY have been trying to guess what "Butter" will be about. HYBE, the management of BTS, said that this is a dance song but no one has any gotten any clue about the song's tale from the teaser.

Some fans, however, think that it could relate to what soloist Eric Nam said in a podcast episode of the Song Exploder, which ran more than a year ago. In this interview, Nam revealed his struggles as a Korean musician with a very Westernized background.

He said he got rejections when he told music producers that he wanted to do stuff similar to Maroon 5 or Bruno Mars because people will only listen to him if he's doing Korean music. He also talked about the many ways American pop differs from K-pop.

But what fans noticed was Nam talking about how his voice is often compared to butter and explained that it's the "most American thing" about him since he sounds "too white." It was also criticism for how he's trying to fit into the Western mold but he's still very much Asian.

One fan on Reddit said that BTS has gotten the some flak for their attempts to appeal to their Western fans. This has led some fans to conclude that "Butter "could be a track dissing some of the criticisms BTS has been getting about becoming too American or catering to the American culture rather than the Korean culture.

"Butter" will be released on May 21. It's still unclear if it will be part of a brand new album the band plans to put out this year.