BTS is celebrating its 8th anniversary in a special way by releasing the very first FESTA D-Day Calendar.

The special box set calendar contains a lot of new facets and information about BTS as detailed in photocards, trifold posters and other marketing materials. There's even a video instruction on what fans can do with the calendar as they open a slot per day.

The FESTA D-Day Calendar will be released ahead of June 13, the official anniversary date of the group's public debut but they have been training together long before they became the world's most successful K-Pop group. FESTA is actually a highly-anticipated annual affair in celebration of the band's debut but this is the first time the band has released a FESTA calendar.

Reports cited that this special release is based on an Advent calendar that encourages fans to count down to the band's big day. The box set will go on sale from May 6 to 27 on Weverse for its international fans and various BTS official stores in Japan.

But it's not just the FESTA calendars that fans have to look forward to as BTS will also release their new full English song, Butter, this month. Previews of the music video have been trending on social media since the announcement and the septet's solo video teasers have also been receiving a lot of good feedback.

Clips featuring RM, Jungkook, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin and V include show a psychedelic for Butter. However, the mystery still remains as no one has any clue that this new song is about. Fans apparently wonder if Butter will bring a retro vibe just like their top hit Dynamite, which earned the group their first Grammy nomination as a solo act.

BTS will also release their exclusive Japanese album in June. The Best will be a special compilation of their hit songs, modified for the Japanese audience.

Meanwhile, BTS continues to entertain the fans on their TV show Run BTS since they cannot perform on the stage with a live audience due to the pandemic. In the latest episode, the boys discussed their love for food and participated in The Game Caterers contest with Na Young Suk.

The BTS boys were offered a barbecue buffet but they could only eat the food if they answered the questions correctly. Jimin led the group in negotiating with the host but it was Suga who saved the band as he made most of the correct guesses to Na's questions.