Kate Middleton released a new YouTube video highlighting her conversation with a four-year-old cancer patient, Mila, who had to stay isolated from her family because of COVID-19. Mila was the subject of some of the photos for the Duchess of Cambridge's Hold Still photo contest.

In the phone conversation, Middleton learned that Mila loves the color pink and she asked the duchess if she was in her "princess costume" during the conversation. Middleton replied by asking Mila her favorite color, which was pink, and she told the little girl that she's going to wear that color one day if they see each other face-to-face.

The Duchess of Cambridge also detailed interesting anecdotes about her children after Mila said that she knows their names by heart. Kate Middleton said that her youngest son, Prince Louis, who is close to Mila's age, has taken to riding a scooter and he's pretty fast at it.

The talk also turned more serious as Mila actually spent some time in isolation away from her family because of her vulnerable immune system. Middleton remarked that she's being a brave girl and that she might have felt to elated when she finally got the chance to see her father and sister in person after months of being apart.

It was Mila's father who submitted her photo for Hold Still, which was taken during his visit to his daughter. Mila's carer is her mom, who has also been isolated from her husband and another daughter.

According to the mother, they decided to isolate a week before the first lockdown as the coronavirus became widespread. She said she keeps looking at the silver lining about this separation because isolating her sick child at the treatment center allowed Mila to keep receiving her much-needed medications without interruptions.

Meanwhile, Middleton launched her YouTube channel with Prince William on May 5, which has now received over 300,000 subscribers. The couple's views have also reached more than half a million.

However, Dana Schwartz, a critic of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from Los Angeles said that she finds the YouTube channel launch weird because it appears like the couple are trying to make themselves "ordinary and relatable." While she understands it's an attempt to modernize the royal family and get on with the trends, she sees some backlash if William and Middleton will show too much of their lives in public.

William and Kate Middleton were also compared to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who have been criticized for trying to be celebrities than royals. Fans of the latter pair said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are doing the same thing for opening a YouTube channel and it could be worse for the couple since they will become the king and queen of the United Kingdom one day. Defenders of the Cambridge couple, however, said that Queen Elizabeth has her own YouTube channel since 2007.