Prince William and Kate Middleton are now YouTubers and they announced the debut of their very own channel on the video-sharing platform with a hip and candid video, which was shared on all of their social media accounts.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had their debut video filmed in a comfortable sitting room at Kensington Palace. Prince William joked to his wife that they have to be extra careful about what they say since they now have "guys filming everything" and following them around for their video blog.

Middleton smiled knowingly at her husband in the 25-second clip, which was then followed by a montage of the couple at their various official engagements. The video ended with a behind-the-scenes (BTS) banter as Middleton told her husband he doesn't have to roll his Rs, referring to the way he spoke. According to reports, the couple's YouTube videos will feature many of these behind-the-scenes in future clips.

William and Middleton's YouTube channel have other videos created from five months ago. Their profile revealed that the account was set up in October 2020. Less than eight hours since the launch, William and Middleton have received nearly 200,000 subscribers. But they are not the only members of the royal family with a video-sharing profile.

In 2007, Queen Elizabeth's team also opened The Royal Family channel featuring Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who explained to the audience the significance of having a video platform. Over the years, various activities of the royal family, both official and personal, were featured in this YouTube account. In 2020, Prince Charles also launched a video-sharing platform called RE:TV, which is geared for content creators who specialize in environmental topics.

But fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle criticized the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for doing a "celebrity move." They claimed that William and Middleton are "constantly trying to outdo" the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and this latest decision has been seen as another "desperate attempt."

The Sussex fans also said that William and Kate appear inauthentic in the videos because they are quite the stoic types. They said that the couple is also trying hard to become relatable to the public though they are conscious of following royal decorum, unlike Harry and Markle who come off as naturals on the screen.

Fans of Prince William and Middleton, however, said that it's high time the pair opened a YouTube channel to show a side of themselves that the public doesn't often see.