Weeks have passed since avid fans witnessed the last episode of Black Clover. It remains unclear whether the anime series will return for another run.

As the speculations continue to develop over a Season 5 comeback, many are seemingly finding new titles to watch that have a similar theme and dynamic as the popular show. Comic Book Resources released a list of materials that the fandom may enjoy while waiting for further announcements from Studio Pierrot.

The series centers on Asta in a world filled with magic and superpower. He was born without having one, making him an underdog who embarks on a journey to defy all odds and become the next Wizard King.

The publication said that My Hero Academia shares a similar story as Black Clover, because of Izuku Midoriya. He has no powers, like Asta, but, wishes to "prove himself in a world filled with superhumans."

The entire theme and dynamic are, also, reportedly, alike when it comes to the humor, as well as the drama. While some parts are funny, others can make viewers "breakdown in tears."

Aside from My Hero AcademiaOne Piece is, also, another Shonen anime series that has similarities with the show in question. It offers "similar adventurous vibes," as well as some of the "magical elements."

Moreover, Monkey D. Luffy, also, aims to prove himself to the world. He wants to become the Pirate King despite the public's and his environment's opposition.

The same outlet continued that Black Clover fans will, also, like Bleach. It is, reportedly, a "must-watch" because of its characters, alongside their respective powers.

Apart from the protagonists and antagonists, it is a "battle Shonen," as well, that tackles several themes alike to Black Clover. While not shying away from discussing friendships and other significant relationships, it, also, features "action-heavy" moments.

Fans may, also, enjoy other Shonen series, like NarutoFood Wars!!RadiantHunter x Hunter, and Demon Slayer. They are deemed as some of the most popular anime titles that are similar to Black Clover.

In other related news, no word has been heard yet about the fifth season of the Yūki Tabata material. Following the conclusion of Season 4, though, Studio Pierrot announced that there will be an upcoming film.

As for the exact details of the new installment to the franchise, the production and heads have maintained their silence about the project. Accordingly, it is expected that more information will emerge in the next few weeks.