All eyes are now on Song Joong Ki after the success of his hit K-drama series Vincenzo. As everyone waits for his new project to come, Song Hye Kyo's former husband takes a trip down memory lane.

In celebration of South Korea's Children's Day, Song Joong Ki shares an old photo of himself as a kid. The 35-year-old actor even talks about his time as a child during an online fan meeting, titled Song Joong Ki, Live, hosted by the TV personality JaeJae.

According to All Kpop, the fan-favorite K-drama idol revealed he was a handful as a child. He used to be a brat and hard-headed, breaking a fish tank in his classroom three times within just a year when he was in kindergarten.

At the time, he remembered he was in an apricot flower class, but he was often at the azalea flower class because the girl he liked was there. No one could stop the young actor back then, revealing he was uncontrollable.

Song Joong Kiw was not the only one who shared an old photo during the said national holiday. The Star noted the Stray Kids' members I.N. and Lee Know; Weeekly members Lee Jaehee, Jihan, Park Soeun, Lee Sooji and Zola; and the Girls Generations' Taeyeon and Seohyun also shared their snaps as kids.

Meanwhile, fans will once again see the Descendants of the Sun star back on the small screen after the end of Vincenzo. P Nation music company's CEO Psy shares the news on Instagram with a photo of the actor and the singer Heize.

The Gangnam Style hitmaker thanked the former Running Man host for agreeing to appear in Heize's music video, per Soompi. Psy revealed that only one actor came to mind that could perfectly plays the role of the man in the song after he heard her music.

However, though he knew him personally, he admitted that they didn't know each other well to ask him for a favor. By the looks of it, Song Joong Ki did not give Psy a hard time and give him his consent.

Psy described Heize as a respectable artist who writes songs for her entire album solo before joining his music label. So, he is now looking for ways to help and support the 29-year-old performer as she prepares to release her first-ever LP under his company.

Earlier reports revealed the actor would be participating in Heize's new music video production, which P Nation later confirmed.

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