Meghan Markle has signed a multi-year deal with the commercial brand Procter & Gamble for her gender equality advocacy under the Archewell Foundation. The Duchess of Sussex, alongside Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, are hoping to build a partnership that will impact online spaces and push inclusivity in the world of sports as well.

According to the couple, Archewell Foundation can keep its work with Girls Inc. and National Women's Law Center with the help of their new corporate partner. Procter & Gamble has already helped the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they donated various supplies, including diapers, for the vulnerable women taking refuge at the Harvest Home women's center in Los Angeles.

Next, Meghan and Harry are set to build a better online environment that hopes to reduce misinformation and harassment, especially against women. The couple is also hoping to highlight resiliency through sports, where Procter & Gamble will also be a partner for Harry's Invictus Games.

This is not the first time Meghan Markle has worked with Procter & Gamble on women's issues. When she was 11 years old, the Duchess of Sussex wrote to the corporation as she wondered why their dishwashing soap commercial was sexist towards women. 

Meghan later said in a 2019 panel that she wasn't aware of sexism at such a young age. But something struck in her that made her see what's wrong with the Procter & Gamble advertisement and she was encouraged to write the company to voice her complaints. Procter & Gamble responded by changing its commercial.

Meghan and Harry have also partnered with Procter & Gamble during their appearance at the recent Vax Live concert to call for donations for vaccines for impoverished countries. To date, the donation drive was able to raise $300 million from its global partners.

Despite the couple's work, however, the Duchess of Sussex has received criticisms for appearing in the Vax Live concert wearing jewelry that's worth thousands of dollars. According to political journalist Andrew Pierce, the duchess' appeal to help the poor would have been more effective if she didn't display her expensive watch and necklace.

One social media commenter agreed with Pierce's observation and said that Meghan's move was a galling call, especially when she had expensive jewelry on her. However, defenders of Meghan Markle said that members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, also wear expensive jewelry when they make their appeal for public support or donations.