Manchester City won the Premier League title Wednesday after Manchester United Lost to Leicester City on its home turf.

Manchester United lost 2-1 against Leicester, clinching Manchester City's win.

The victory was Manchester City's fifth win since the 2011-2012 season and its first win since the 2018-2019 season. The win puts it in the same league as Chelsea in terms of total titles in the Premier League era.

Manchester City's win was highly expected as the team had led the contest with a massive point advantage. City won 25 of its 35 league games this season with a stronger defense, knocking Liverpool as the kings of England.

Manchester United had a slim chance of catching up with City, which was six points ahead. Although analysts said it never felt like Manchester United had the chance to get close to catching City.

"This has been a season and a Premier League title like no other. This was the hardest one. We will always remember this season for the way that we won. I am so proud to be the manager here and of this group of players," Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, said.

Guardiola said the win is special to them given the struggles everyone has had to go through with the restrictions and difficulties caused by the global crisis. He added that their consistency and relentless efforts had led to their success.

"At the start of every season, the Premier League is the most important title for us. This is the one where you have to be there every three days, playing all your rivals home and away. Only by being the very best, week in week out, can you win this competition. It is a huge success," Guardiola said.

The Premier League trophy is the second of the season for the team after it had won the EFL Cup. City is expected to fight to get a third trophy during the upcoming UEFA Champions League finals against Chelsea this coming May 29.