Dragon Ball Heroes BM8 will once again experience a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans still have to wait a little longer for the much-awaited arrival of Super Saiyan 2 Rose Goku Black and an original character's return.

Japan grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic again, forcing the government to put the country in a state of emergency. As this affects even the entertainment scene, it causes another delay to TV, movie, manga, and anime productions, including Dragon Ball Heroes BM8.

Goku has successfully accessed Ultra Instinct ability, while Vegeta has finally reached a new pinnacle of strength. However, it remains to be seen how these two Saiyans will face the Dragon Ball Super villain, known as Goku Black, with their new power developments.

Sadly, it will take a pretty long while before fans witness the much-awaited face-off. Twitter user DBS Chronicles revealed, as detailed by Comicbook, the next installment to the Big Bang Mission will be delayed for about three weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic that once again pushes back the "game installment" that inspires the series.

The Space-Time War Arc has yet to officially begin, but it already teases some known heroes and villains from the franchise coming to Dragon Ball Heroes. After Frieza and Majin Buu have made their comebacks, Cell will also make his triumphant return.

The series already confirmed its plan to revive Dr. Gero's ultimate creation, so he will soon be seen in the series. A set of arcade cards based on the Space-Time War Arc went live and supported this claim, giving the nod to Cell.

In its English translation, an unidentified demon brought Cell and Hearts to life. So, will Dragon Ball Heroes BM8 reveal the reason behind Cell's revival and what part of this arc will it play?

Goku and Vegeta currently battle to their content in the universe that Fu made. Hearts has already appeared to help Goku, so this just may mean that Cell will come out in no time.

This will be the first time that Cell will make his appearance in the Dragon Ball Heroes anime. In the manga, he appeared in the Prison Planet Saga as a Ghost Warrior.

However, he was not fully brought back to life here. But this time, he would be surely completely revived, though it might come with great consequences.

What will it be? Find out when Dragon Ball Heroes BM8 drops on Thursday, June 3.

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