WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the premiere episode of Good Witch season 7. Read at your own risk.

Good Witch season 7 episode 2 is coming this weekend on Hallmark Channel, with the title "The Shell." The fantasy comedy-drama has just premiered recently and it's already building more romance for several characters -- such as Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Sam (James Denton).

In Good Witch season 7 episode 2, Cassie and Sam are going on a date but they will be accompanied by another couple. It seems like everything they have planned is ruined and their date may come with some hijinks, something that was often shown within the series.

Based on the synopsis of Good Witch season 7 episode 2, Cassie and Sam decided to go on a double date with hospital administrator Grant (Paul Popowich) and his girlfriend, Monica. However, their date didn't go quite as they planned.

As for what else is coming in Good Witch season 7 episode 2, Martha (Catherine Disher) is organizing a "Grease" themed movie night in the park. The series tends to feature events like this, which brings a lot of exciting and fun moments to most of the characters.

Since the current installment has just kicked off, there's still uncertainty as to where the story is heading moving forward. But, Cassie, Joy (Katherine Barrell), Abigail (Sarah Power), and the rest will be facing new challenges, as well as new mysteries along the way.

Meanwhile, the latest outing kicked off with a premiere episode, titled "The Party." The story picked up what transpired in the season 6 finale, wherein Cassie, Joy, and Abigail found identical purple drawstring bags. The three, however, have no idea who left them and why they left them.

The premiere saw the Merriwick women trying to figure out where these bags came from. At the end of the first episode, the secret that lies beneath the items was revealed. As they poured the contents of the bag, George (Peter MacNeil) appeared and stared back at them.

In the sneak peek of the next episode, George can be seen explaining his actions to the three. He told them, "I promised not to give you three the pouches until the next red haloed moon." Cassie and Joy, on the other hand, revealed that they know something about the bags than previously believed.

Good Witch season 7 episode 2 will be airing on Sunday, May 23, on Hallmark Channel.