Prince Harry used to have a very close connection with Prince Charles and once talked about how he could talk to his father "for hours" on issues that they cared about.

In 2017, Harry conducted a radio interview with Charles, where the Duke of Sussex told the listeners how much he and his father could discuss many things in private, without the benefit of a microphone. Harry said that as he grew older, he could now understand what these conversations between father and son have been about.

Charles, on the other hand, referenced to his son as a his "darling boy" and said that it makes him proud to have Harry understand their long talks. But nearly four years since that conversation, Harry has been singing a different tune and seemingly blaming his father for the "genetic pain and suffering "he has experienced all these years.

In a podcast interview with Dak Shepard, Prince Harry said that Charles treated him in a way that his father was treated by his own parents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Though the Duke of Sussex said he was not pointing fingers at anyone, it has now been his resolve to cut this cycle of bad parenting so his children won't go through the same pain.

In the same interview, Harry alluded that his wife, Meghan Markle, opened his eyes to the unhappiness he felt as a member of the royal family and that it was her who urged him to create a life that's "better than any princess." The couple met in 2016 and got engaged a year later. They will be celebrating their third wedding anniversary on May 19.

The Duke of Sussex hinted that it was his wife who changed his view about his royal life and family thus he is speaking out about it in various platforms. Consequently, his interviews are also in line with his advocacy on mental health, where his first show with Oprah Winfrey, titled The Me You Can't See, will be streaming on Apple TV+.

The statements of Prince Harry, however, have not been well received by the British public and in some quarters in America, especially after he also briefly talked about his thoughts on the First Amendment. Royal observers said that Harry risks losing people from both sides of the pond who will sympathize with him and his causes if he keeps on blaming the royal family for his sad experiences.